Landcare, Landscaping, Water Effects, Pavers and Fences
Landscape Construction & Design
Whitby Landcare & Design is a custom residential landscape design and build company that offers landcare services in the King County, Washington area.

Our landscape design and our installation team create beautiful outdoor spaces that are inviting, unique and environmentally sound.

We specialize in integrating such features as patios, rock sculpture/art, hardscaping, retaining walls, water features, irrigation and lighting systems as well as other elements with an appropriate pallet of plants based on the client's gardening style and maintenance needs.
Kenmore, Wa
We've discovered that the best way to effective landscaping is to provide a landscape design and installation service that is harmonizing with the clients vision and the environment.
Here at Whitby Landcare & Design we take into
consideration such aspects as:

    * Flow throughout the landscape
    * Focus on the garden and views to and from the home
    * Privacy, artistic value, sound, color, texture & aroma
    * Lighting and making best use of sunlight and shadows
    * Proper growing conditions in every area
    * Placement of the existing utilities
    * Client's maintenance requirements and budget
"Gardening is an act of optimism!"